Dinosaur Adventure Land

DAL is a Christian campground, science center, and adventure park that is dedicated to using science and dinosaurs to glorify God.  At DAL, kids can enjoy many exciting activities that teach both a science lesson and a spiritual lesson.  They can test their bravery with our Nerve Wracking ball, their strength with our Horsepower Pull, or their attention to detail with our Super Long Distance Paper Airplanes.  Families can enjoy themselves down by the lake with swimming, fishing, and boating, and the adventurous can have a blast on the zip lines and redneck water slide!  Take a tour in our science center, where you can journey through the days of creation and learn about the amazing design God put into His creation.  Stop in our bookstore for excellent resources on creation, the Bible, end times, and more!  


Come visit us at Dinosaur Adventure Land!  Entrance is FREE!  We are located in lower Alabama just north of I-65 in the town of Lenox (please see our Home page for a map of how to get to DAL).  We are open Thursday through Saturday 10 AM to 5 PM.  To schedule a visit on another day, or for any questions about visiting, please call (855) 244-3466.  Stop in for our YouTube-famous Bible Study weeknights at 7:30 PM.  


Volunteer at DAL!  


Would you like to serve God at a ministry that is actively sharing the Gospel and changing lives?  Help out for the day, stay for the week, or see if a longer-term volunteer position is the right fit.  Free RV and camper hook-ups for volunteers on a first-come-first-serve basis, as well as limited cabin space.  Please contact Anna or Julie at (855) 244-3466, ext 1. 










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