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Dr Dino Ministry Prayer Requests September 28, 2018

Spiritual Needs • Souls to be saved! • Christians to be edified! • God to give us favor with our community so we can be a blessing to them • Spiritual, Physical, Emotional protection for The Hovinds and Volunteers • For our ministry team to remain close to God, to love each other the way Christ loves and to have hearts to serve • Wisdom, discernment and leading of The Holy Spirit concerning how to spend our time and resources (This includes our 5 board members who guide the ministry) • Protection; for God to place warring and guardian angels around his property to keep all safe from harm, injury, illness or calamity

Physical Needs • Internet: God to put it on the hearts of Frontier management to bring strong internet to our campus this year. This has been a continual struggle • God to provide the means to build the world’s tallest dinosaur so the unsaved will be drawn to our park • God to provide the means to build the ark that Dr. Hovind has designed; for God’s glory • Our ministry van is a 2000. Pray that God would provide just the right vehicle for our needs.

Miscellaneous • A pardon for Dr. Hovind so he can travel without restriction • More meetings, radio and YouTube events for Dr. Hovind to spread the biblical truth of Creation Science • We hear from many brothers and sisters in South Africa who are fearful every day for their lives. One brother said, “We hold funerals every day for those being killed by the government. We go to bed each night wondering if it is our turn. We sleep with guns or knives beneath our pillows.” Please pray that God will do a work in that country to turn it around. Many want Dr. Hovind to come and minister. This is our wish as well, but we cannot send him there in the current climate of hostility.

Will continue to update this list monthly or as needed. Thank you for praying with us!!!

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