5 Examples of Reverse Evolution by National Geographic – A Religion of Idiocy

National Geographic churns out another piece of propaganda that should make Christians laugh. Their propagandists (aka journalists and sci-fi-lientists) give 5 examples of animals that regressed in the evolutionary process.

“I can not believe these guys believe this stuff… National Geographic has been very dedicated to pushing their evolution theory on people” Dr. Kent Hovind says “They are completely dedicated to this dumb religion started by Satan and enhanced by Charles Darwin.”

Hagfish: What Pretty Eyes You Have!

Jenny Morber of National Geographic writes, “In a shock to biologists, a close look at a 300-million-year-old hagfish fossil reveals that the animals once had working eyes – and evolution took them away.”

No, Jenny… the study on the hagfish fossil you speak of shows that there is NO evidence their eyeballs evolved backwards. In fact, the sci-fi-lientists you are quoting from are outright lying.

The pigment of the retina of the fossilized hagfish is black, just like the retina of a living hagfish. Why is National Geographic quick to publish a lie because a couple of scientists are looking for fame and fortune?

The hagfish never had complex melanosomes (small meatball structures that form light into an image). The hagfish always had a black retina – just like the black rock these scientists were studying. These guys fooled the entire world into thinking it was a breakthrough in the study of “evolutionism”… almost hilarious if it weren’t true.

Dr. Kent Hovind explains that “If an animals lives at the bottom of the Ocean, eyes are a detriment, they are a hinderance, they are sensitive, they get scratched, they get infections, the creature dies… They lose their ability to see and that is good for them…”

Dr. Kent Hovind Debates Against University Professors - Debates 1-10
Dr. Kent Hovind Debates Against University Professors - Debates 11-20

Penguins: No Fly Zone!

Jenny Morber explains that penguin birds devolved into flightless birds by “(evolving) bigger muscles to better power through the water, denser bones that added strength and reduced buoyancy, and shorter, stiffer wings for more powerful swimming strokes with less drake.

Why didn’t the penguins (when they could fly of course) just migrate to a more tropical area in order to survive (it would have been much easier for them you know)? Why did penguins decide to evolve in one of the most dangerous environments on earth?

Do these sci-fi-lientists actually believe their own nonsense? Penguins have an abundance of “non-bird” traits. It is extremely far fetched to compare penguins to the type of flying birds we know of today.

– NON-BIRD TRAIT 1: There is no bird known to man that can dive like a penguin and stay under water for up to 18-minutes.
– NON-BIRD TRAIT 2: Birds have amazing eyesight in the air and on land; penguins have terrible eyesight on land but amazing eyesight in water.
– NON-BIRD TRAIT 3: The feet of a penguin is not vestigial wings like evolutionists would like you to believe. Penguins have flippers.

National Geographic Propaganda Debunked

Dr. Kent Hovind closes with, “We could talk about this whole article (by National Geographic) but we are running out of time… Watch the Creation Seminar Set Part 4: Lies in the Textbooks. There are thirty to fifty some odd lies in the public school standard biology textbook trying to get people to believe in this dumb religion of evolution.

“God made the world, everything is complex… You couldn’t get a single hair to evolve from a rock over four hundred trillion years – it won’t happen – it doesn’t happen – people believe in this stuff and that’s fine it’s a religion it is something you have to believe happen…”

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