Stephen, US (June 2019)  Thank you for the wonderful YouTube Videos.  They have helped me greatly.

Elias, South Sudan (June 2019) From 2014 I, a Pastor, came across your teachings and debates on Youtube and since then I have followed your teachings very closely. When you were put in prison we prayed for your release and we thank God that He answered the
many prayers offered to him. I have seen great changes in my life - ever since I been listening to your Youtube many teachings and debates- in understanding the word of God. And I have a passion for prison ministry. God bless the CSE Ministries
and God bless Dr. Hovind and Team in Jesus name.

Manny, US (June 2019) Wanted to thank you for your wonderful ministry!! My wife and I have been watching all your sermons via youtube and have completely woken up to the lies of the world. We were saved before learning from you but this has just been
an absolute blessing, because even I (someone very passionate about science) couldn't answer a lot of questions my wife had. So thank you. We will pray for you and your ministry.

Terisa, US (June 2019) Thank you! Thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart, you have saved 5 souls in our home from the destructive deception of Evolution!! 

Brandon, US (June 2019) My dad had a preventable deadly accident two months ago and while I spent time searching for truth and answers on life, I stumbled upon your YouTube and fell in love! You've restored my faith 100%! 

James, Alabama (June 2019)
Hello:) I just wanted to pass back a huge thank you for the wonderful time and welcome that my sons and I received at DAL Saturday (06/27/19). We arrived just a little after 2:30 and were very quickly greeted,
and later taken through the days of creation, by our sweet sister/guide, Julie.  We got to see the collection of fossils and, to our absolute delight, THE PETRIFIED PICKLE!!!  That’s right, we saw THE pickle and long have we waited and yearned to see THE pickle.  
Brother Hovind himself was our illustrious guide around the property and we are all proud to say we took the REAL tour.  For my part, the DAL version of Bryce Canyon and the acoustic tests with the satellite dishes were, without question, the favorites.  What a
beautiful place, an incredible ministry, and awesome people!  Thank you all again for the welcome we received and you are in our prayers.  It will not, Lord willing, be the last time we come:) p.s. say hello to the emu’s, goats, zebu’s, and chickens pls…my boys
loved feeding them.  God’s provision and blessing to you all at DAL!

Ahmed, Egypt (June 2019)
This is a message from a Muslim who would like to thank you for your work and dedication to serve the purpose of glorifying the Lord God for his creation and debunking the myths of evolutionists.

Tom, South Africa (June 2019) I'm from South africa and am pleased with the teachings you have given on YouTube.

Amanda, US (May 2019) I am very grateful for your teaching. I now know-ALL of God's word is true!

Ville, Finland (May 2019) I feel like giving Kent Hovind a big, long hug because he's changed me (and other people in Finland through me) and I wish he knew and understood this during this phase of our lives.  You all are doing God's work over there!
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Lee Plowden, US (May 2019) Your ministry has opened my eyes. Me and my wife are amateur archeologists. We hunt Indian artifacts and gem stones. The first time I heard Kent, everything made sense. The very next day we were hunting rocks or artifacts
and I found a tree stump cut down with a chain saw. The roots were petrified and the top part was coal. There are lying, evil people training our kids to get so far away from God that they will never believe us. I'm using Dr Hovinds talks to prove to my children that
everything they were taught is a lie.

Lauren, US (May 2019) I am a transgender woman who lives in a very liberal area of the country. I am writing you to thank you and to humbly remind you that your message reaches and touches the heart of some very unlikely people. I have learned
about you relatively recently and consumed a lot of your material, like your debates and such. I don't agree with you 100%, I don't agree with any person 100% because we humans are all fallible and sinful, but despite those differences in the finer points
of beliefs I admire your tenacity and sheer love of God and the way you so eloquently share it with the rest of the world. 

Ian, Australia (May 2019) Thank you for all your good work! I watch your programs all the time and have learned a great deal about creation. You are truly dedicated to the truth and I appreciate your knowledge.

Seth, US (May 2019) I am a 17 year old christian in Illinois attending a public school. A couple years ago, I took a political and modern problems debate class. Towards the end, I was pre-selected to debate the pro-choice side against pro-life.
This shocked me and I really could not argue for abortion. The teacher was against me switching to a different topic. After a few days of prayer, I went back and the teacher allowed me to switch to another topic. Not only did God answer my prayer,
but he allowed me to argue creationism vs. evolutionism. Thrilled with excitement, I realised I was going up against a strong atheist. On top of that, the classroom who would be voting for who won were also nonbelievers. With just 1 week to compose an argument,
I watched all your old debates and videos. Countless hours listening to what you and the Bible had to say. I'm glad to say we made a good team, as I walked in shaking about to give my testimony of faith to the class. Fortunately, I was chosen to go first.
I took this opportunity to say everything he was going to say as "proof" of evolution and rebut it. I then gave the evidence of creation. Needless to say, he was speechless. I ended up winning that entire debate tournament. In fact, for my final senior assignment,
I have to give a speech as to why we should teach creationism in public school curriculum. This time I'm extra nervous because my teacher is a mega feminist and atheist. I'm writing to you to say how thankful I am for you and your efforts. You have helped me
so much in learning about God. 

Nathan, US (April 2019) Thank you for all of your work and how you have touched my family. My wife and 10 year old son absolutely love your videos. You have set them down the path to dig deeper into God's word and learn more to not be deceived
and to stand up for truth. We have shared your videos with our families and also with our church family. It has encouraged many to do homeschooling. As a teenager I was in public school and I remember being taught about Lucy even after it was proven
that it was a fake we were still forced to learn. I remember standing up to my teacher and talking to him about God and praying for him. Anyways thank you again for standing up for what is right and making videos to help educate saints.

Yuri, Ukraine (April 2019) Your work is very necessary and relevant because so many churches now rarely teach people that God created us and not evolution! Thank God for everything! Hello to all the brothers and sisters from our community. 

Kevin, US (April 2019
) I am a 7th grader from Pasadena. My family and I really enjoy your seminars. Keep up the good work, God bless you.  

Gehan, The Netherlands (March 2019)  I love the work you are doing. Absolutely marvellous, its been really inspiring and I have been using your material when speaking to our youth group so thank you for that.

Kennedy, Kenya (March 2019)  Just recently came across his name, YouTube videos and website and it was to me the best singe source of biblical truth (of course other than the Bible) that I have come across in my very long search for truth.

Andrae, South America (March 2019)  We really enjoy your teachings.  We have learnt so much! 

Nathan, US (February 2019)  I'm a teen who recently watched your creation seminar.  You are a blessing to my faith.  You provide information to so many questions that shake people's faith.  You clarify things in a way that shows the stupidity of the world in regards to creation, God, and our salvation through Christ.  I want to thank you for your service to the Lord and the work you.

Barbara, US (February 2019)  Thank you so much for what you do and are trying to do. It has had a positive influence in mine and my kids lives.

Tony, US (February 2019)  I'm in college right now and have been watching your videos for a few months. Your work is inspirational. I'm a Christian. In high school I took honors biology for 2 years. I was very mixed up in what I believed. Your videos have helped me so much, and I watch them in between classes most days.

Alex, US (February 2019)  I believe in God.  Sure I was very laid-back about it.  Also, a really big science guy. I’ve always been top of my class and truly believed in evolution.  Then I watched your video; the description said 'I’m gonna prove God is real with dinosaurs' or something like that. I was like, 'oh yeah I'd love to see this'.  But wow did you school me!  Today I am 100% on the side of truth and you saved my soul.

Amirissa, Guyana (January 2019)  We have learnt so much from your teachings and we have grown in faith over the past few years

Emily, US (January 2019)  I appreciate your ministry so much. You have helped more people than you know. Even Christians who go through periods of doubt, you are a Godsend. Also, you back up your words with actual science. I love how you explain everything.

Zach, US (December 2018)  I'm a 19 year old sophomore at Florida State University. I am taking time out of the busiest week of the semester, finals week for us, to let you know the huge positive influence you've had on me.  I was actually introduced to the Lord from my younger brother, who taught me the evil deceptions of Freemasonry and the Occult. This knowledge learned from my brother inspired me to seek the truth, the Gospel. I came across your video content on YouTube and for countless hours your words and seminars have taught me the many truths of the world, and as a result I have become cemented in the Lord.  I love you and thank you.

Tabatha, US (December 2018)  I have watched many YouTube videos of you defending every aspect of the Bible and the truth of God's Word. I admire how strong you hold on to your faith and how you seek knowledge to be able to rebutt opposing arguments. You are so diligent in your studies and I have seen how you are always trying to be thorough in all that you learn, say, and do in order to defend your faith and also to lead others to the truth.  I am still immature in my faith and knowledge and ability to defend my beliefs but I'm always trying to watch/listen to others who explain and/or defend their beliefs because the Bible say always be ready to answer anyone who asks. And I want to be ready to answer as well as you have.  I guess I'm writing this letter to let you know that your work has not gone unnoticed, unappreciated, or unused. 

Jack, US (December 2018)  I'm a homeschooled high school student who is interested in apologetics. I've been watching a lot of your debates and I want to say thank you for posting them. The videos you produce depict Christianity in a convincing way that is hard for people to simply ignore.  I love how you show that creationism actually has loads of evidence supporting it. At the same time you support Christianity, you show that evolutionists supposed proofs are either false or misapplied science!  Thank you for portraying Christianity, scientifically supported, in a world that is progressively trying to write away God. There have been times when I've been talking to people about evolution vs. creation and started to run out of evidence supporting creation. Now that I've watched so many of your videos, I feel more confident stepping into these conversations with prepared arguments that can stand against any evolutionary theory.

Joshua, US (September 2018)  Thank you for the great work you do.  You and your videos were instrumental in helping me defend my faith.  Thanks to you, I'm reading the proper Bible and I've got answers for both those who want to ridicule me and those who are seeking answers.  I grew up in the California public education system, but was fortunately spared from most of the Orwellian indoctrination on evolution until high school, by which time I was self-aware enough to sense that something wasn't right.  I got saved before I really dove into it, but your videos tied it all together for me (and my friends as well) and the devastating results of rejecting God for Darwin's lie became so apparent it was impossible to ignore. 

Trevaun, US (September 2018)  I’m 27 years old.  Your creation seminar, even though filmed years ago, dropped into my life right on time. I have always been familiar with doctrine. I listen to sermons daily but I felt like something was missing that ties all of this together. I too was deceived growing up halfway believing in evolution. It caused me not to take Elohim seriously in many areas of my life. I want to thank you for the many years of research and dedication you put into your work. After watching your seminars, things have started to clear up. I pleaded with the Lord to increase my faith and literally a day later I find myself watching your videos. It’s funny how He works sometimes. Watching your videos sparked a quest for knowledge like none I’ve ever experienced. I’ve always been fond of science but strayed away as years went on because none of it was making sense to me. I didn’t know how it tied in with the Bible but now things are starting to become clear. 

Matthew, US (September 2018) Because of your videos I am now a believer and no longer atheist. I have been an atheist my whole life. But your videos gave me that last piece of information I was reaching for.  Having 2000 years of data and claiming the earth is 4.5 billion years old is believing in 0.00000004% of data, thats not science. No one on this planet would knowingly bet those odds. 

Phil, US (September 2018)  I have struggled for years with many questions about God.  Thank you for devoting your life to God, and thank you for helping me understand.

Takudzwa, International (September 2018)  I just wanted to say thank you for being the vessel that you are. Your message reached out to me during a time of deep doubt and that viral video caught me when I was reaching out to our Father.  I am saying thank you because you found what He called you for and you didn't sit on it, but you spread the word. I really struggled with my faith when all I was taught in school was evolution, to most this is trivial but I just never saw his hand in all of this. I started doubting because they said it was fact and because no one had bothered looking at the facts and how they are written in the Word, so no one ever taught me until I found your videos.

Jesse, US (September 2018)  I found your YouTube channel a few days ago and your videos really helped me answer some questions. I’m 14 and I am a Christian but I’ve never really understood certain claims from Christians like the world is 6,000 years old and until I saw you debate the three evolutionists I never understood why the Big Bang is a lie. But you helped me understand that and overall strengthened my faith. So thank you very much!

Iliya, Bulgaria (September 2018)  May GOD BLESS you! You opened my eyes and mind for GENESIS and made my faith much stronger. I have no words to describe my greatfulness for coming up to your CSE videos.

Rayel, the Philippines (September 2018)  I just wanted to say im glad to know people like you! I'm one of the Believers and also a supporter of your effort and deeds to expose the truth!  May God pour all His glory in you. God bless

Colleen, US (August 2018)  Dear Dr Hovind,  Thank you for your ministry.  May God bless you abundantly.  I thoroughly enjoy your videos - your sense of humour, and witty sarcasm has me in stitches and really helps to drive home the point of how stupid the evolution religion is.  I just wanted to let you know that you have impacted my life by strengthening my faith and giving me knowledge of how to explain science in light of His word.  I have used many of your sayings, stories, explanations, etc. to talk to others.  

John, US (August 2018)  I am the son of a Christian Pastor. I am an engineering student, and due to all my physics and some of my engineering professors, I almost became an atheist until one day I came across your videos. Since that day, I have watched every single video you have made on YouTube and started sending them to my professors.  Even though they get upset, I will never hesitate about my faith anymore. 

Nathan, US (August 2018)  Kent I am a believer, I have friends at work who are atheists, and want to have intellectual conversations about creationism, and evolution.....I thank God for giving you the wisdom to speak and share the information you do, for those of us that do not, or can not spend the countless days doing the massive amount of research you have, your message from the most holy Lord of Lords is comforting. it allows us to debate, and converse with those who do not believe... 












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