Gehan, The Netherlands (March 2019)  I love the work you are doing. Absolutely marvellous, its been really inspiring and I have been using your material when speaking to our youth group so thank you for that.

Kennedy, Kenya (March 2019)  Just recently came across his name, YouTube videos and website and it was to me the best singe source of biblical truth (of course other than the Bible) that I have come across in my very long search for truth.

Andrae, South America (March 2019)  We really enjoy your teachings.  We have learnt so much! 

Nathan, US (February 2019)  I'm a teen who recently watched your creation seminar.  You are a blessing to my faith.  You provide information to so many questions that shake people's faith.  You clarify things in a way that shows the stupidity of the world in regards to creation, God, and our salvation through Christ.  I want to thank you for your service to the Lord and the work you.

Barbara, US (February 2019)  Thank you so much for what you do and are trying to do. It has had a positive influence in mine and my kids lives.

Tony, US (February 2019)  I'm in college right now and have been watching your videos for a few months. Your work is inspirational. I'm a Christian. In high school I took honors biology for 2 years. I was very mixed up in what I believed. Your videos have helped me so much, and I watch them in between classes most days.

Alex, US (February 2019)  I believe in God.  Sure I was very laid-back about it.  Also, a really big science guy. I’ve always been top of my class and truly believed in evolution.  Then I watched your video; the description said 'I’m gonna prove God is real with dinosaurs' or something like that. I was like, 'oh yeah I'd love to see this'.  But wow did you school me!  Today I am 100% on the side of truth and you saved my soul.

Amirissa, Guyana (January 2019)  We have learnt so much from your teachings and we have grown in faith over the past few years

Emily, US (January 2019)  I appreciate your ministry so much. You have helped more people than you know. Even Christians who go through periods of doubt, you are a Godsend. Also, you back up your words with actual science. I love how you explain everything.

Zach, US (December 2018)  I'm a 19 year old sophomore at Florida State University. I am taking time out of the busiest week of the semester, finals week for us, to let you know the huge positive influence you've had on me.  I was actually introduced to the Lord from my younger brother, who taught me the evil deceptions of Freemasonry and the Occult. This knowledge learned from my brother inspired me to seek the truth, the Gospel. I came across your video content on YouTube and for countless hours your words and seminars have taught me the many truths of the world, and as a result I have become cemented in the Lord.  I love you and thank you.

Tabatha, US (December 2018)  I have watched many YouTube videos of you defending every aspect of the Bible and the truth of God's Word. I admire how strong you hold on to your faith and how you seek knowledge to be able to rebutt opposing arguments. You are so diligent in your studies and I have seen how you are always trying to be thorough in all that you learn, say, and do in order to defend your faith and also to lead others to the truth.  I am still immature in my faith and knowledge and ability to defend my beliefs but I'm always trying to watch/listen to others who explain and/or defend their beliefs because the Bible say always be ready to answer anyone who asks. And I want to be ready to answer as well as you have.  I guess I'm writing this letter to let you know that your work has not gone unnoticed, unappreciated, or unused. 

Jack, US (December 2018)  I'm a homeschooled high school student who is interested in apologetics. I've been watching a lot of your debates and I want to say thank you for posting them. The videos you produce depict Christianity in a convincing way that is hard for people to simply ignore.  I love how you show that creationism actually has loads of evidence supporting it. At the same time you support Christianity, you show that evolutionists supposed proofs are either false or misapplied science!  Thank you for portraying Christianity, scientifically supported, in a world that is progressively trying to write away God. There have been times when I've been talking to people about evolution vs. creation and started to run out of evidence supporting creation. Now that I've watched so many of your videos, I feel more confident stepping into these conversations with prepared arguments that can stand against any evolutionary theory.

Joshua, US (September 2018)  Thank you for the great work you do.  You and your videos were instrumental in helping me defend my faith.  Thanks to you, I'm reading the proper Bible and I've got answers for both those who want to ridicule me and those who are seeking answers.  I grew up in the California public education system, but was fortunately spared from most of the Orwellian indoctrination on evolution until high school, by which time I was self-aware enough to sense that something wasn't right.  I got saved before I really dove into it, but your videos tied it all together for me (and my friends as well) and the devastating results of rejecting God for Darwin's lie became so apparent it was impossible to ignore. 

Trevaun, US (September 2018)  I’m 27 years old.  Your creation seminar, even though filmed years ago, dropped into my life right on time. I have always been familiar with doctrine. I listen to sermons daily but I felt like something was missing that ties all of this together. I too was deceived growing up halfway believing in evolution. It caused me not to take Elohim seriously in many areas of my life. I want to thank you for the many years of research and dedication you put into your work. After watching your seminars, things have started to clear up. I pleaded with the Lord to increase my faith and literally a day later I find myself watching your videos. It’s funny how He works sometimes. Watching your videos sparked a quest for knowledge like none I’ve ever experienced. I’ve always been fond of science but strayed away as years went on because none of it was making sense to me. I didn’t know how it tied in with the Bible but now things are starting to become clear. 

Matthew, US (September 2018) Because of your videos I am now a believer and no longer atheist. I have been an atheist my whole life. But your videos gave me that last piece of information I was reaching for.  Having 2000 years of data and claiming the earth is 4.5 billion years old is believing in 0.00000004% of data, thats not science. No one on this planet would knowingly bet those odds. 

Phil, US (September 2018)  I have struggled for years with many questions about God.  Thank you for devoting your life to God, and thank you for helping me understand.

Takudzwa, International (September 2018)  I just wanted to say thank you for being the vessel that you are. Your message reached out to me during a time of deep doubt and that viral video caught me when I was reaching out to our Father.  I am saying thank you because you found what He called you for and you didn't sit on it, but you spread the word. I really struggled with my faith when all I was taught in school was evolution, to most this is trivial but I just never saw his hand in all of this. I started doubting because they said it was fact and because no one had bothered looking at the facts and how they are written in the Word, so no one ever taught me until I found your videos.

Jesse, US (September 2018)  I found your YouTube channel a few days ago and your videos really helped me answer some questions. I’m 14 and I am a Christian but I’ve never really understood certain claims from Christians like the world is 6,000 years old and until I saw you debate the three evolutionists I never understood why the Big Bang is a lie. But you helped me understand that and overall strengthened my faith. So thank you very much!

Iliya, Bulgaria (September 2018)  May GOD BLESS you! You opened my eyes and mind for GENESIS and made my faith much stronger. I have no words to describe my greatfulness for coming up to your CSE videos.

Rayel, the Philippines (September 2018)  I just wanted to say im glad to know people like you! I'm one of the Believers and also a supporter of your effort and deeds to expose the truth!  May God pour all His glory in you. God bless

Colleen, US (August 2018)  Dear Dr Hovind,  Thank you for your ministry.  May God bless you abundantly.  I thoroughly enjoy your videos - your sense of humour, and witty sarcasm has me in stitches and really helps to drive home the point of how stupid the evolution religion is.  I just wanted to let you know that you have impacted my life by strengthening my faith and giving me knowledge of how to explain science in light of His word.  I have used many of your sayings, stories, explanations, etc. to talk to others.  

John, US (August 2018)  I am the son of a Christian Pastor. I am an engineering student, and due to all my physics and some of my engineering professors, I almost became an atheist until one day I came across your videos. Since that day, I have watched every single video you have made on YouTube and started sending them to my professors.  Even though they get upset, I will never hesitate about my faith anymore. 

Nathan, US (August 2018)  Kent I am a believer, I have friends at work who are atheists, and want to have intellectual conversations about creationism, and evolution.....I thank God for giving you the wisdom to speak and share the information you do, for those of us that do not, or can not spend the countless days doing the massive amount of research you have, your message from the most holy Lord of Lords is comforting. it allows us to debate, and converse with those who do not believe... 

Michael, US (July 2018)   I’m an employee at Colorado State University.  The prevailing religion at the University is, of course, humanism, with evolution as the primary belief.  Dr. Hovind’s seminar on creation has giving me the confidence to refute evolution in an environment where God is not honored. Thank you and keep up God’s work!

Martin, UK (June 2018)  You inspired me to change and become a worker for Jesus.

George, US (June 2018)  I first saw you on CTN teaching about creation and the origin of dinosaurs and about salvation through Jesus. I knew of God and Jesus, but I didn't know about salvation, so your evangelism and others helped me to accept Jesus as my savior.  Thank you for your evangelism and God bless you. Your brother in Christ.

Gabor, Hungary (June 2018)  I'm a medical physician living in Hungary. I've been taught evolution all my life. A couple of weeks agoI I've seen some of your videos about the creation, the earth, the Eden, the flood, the Hovind-theory, etc. recorded in 2005. Your clear and honest speeches and teachings changed my life. I was a believer before but I had some serious question you managed to clear completely. No more doubt left about all of them. I managed to understand all the processes that I was unable to clear till now. God bless your work. Please keep on teaching us, showing us the right way and keep the hope alive. I'm looking forward more of your teachings and videos. 

Mike, UK (June 2018)  I have been a Christian since 1978 but have had a faith that waxed and waned over the years, and whilst I have never believed in evolution I have struggled with the stumbling block of "Billions of Years" for most of my life. About 6 years ago quite by chance (or maybe by Divine providence) I watched your "100 reasons why evolution is stupid" what a revelation that was for me. Your presentations and debates started me on the road to a stronger faith and a love of creation science. I thank you for your commitment to help spread the Word of God and your wonderful way of making creation science a joy to watch and listen to. I now give Power Point presentations at my Church.  Thank you!

Jennifer, US (May 2018)  I spent many years as a Wiccan and there came a point where I was longing to believe in Jesus but I just didn't.  I had heart knowledge but not the head knowledge.  I think it all came down to the fact that I didn't believe that I could be both a Christian and an intellectual.  Dr. Hovind's creation seminars changed all of that for me and I'll always be so very grateful for them!  

Victor, Pakistan (April 2018)  Peace be with you,  I was searching Evolution and Creation sermon on youtube and I found Dr. Kent Hovind there. It is really amazing for me to find such a man on youtube channel. Much of my points are clear now.  I want to learn more and more!

Keith, US (April 2018)  I purchased your course about 10+ years ago and studied it more than any book in college. I received my Bachelors of Science degree in Biology and learned more value in your course than my 4 year degree. Your message is powerful and I am glad you're continuing to spread the truth about Creation and Evolution. I love your determination to move God's Kingdom forward. 

Sirie, New Zealand (April 2018)  Because of you, Dr. Hovind, I have a relationship with my father today. In your Bible study on the 7th of October 2016,  you taught about honoring your mother and father. My mother went to heaven 20 years ago this year, when I was 18. My parents divorced when I was two and a half. I was told by my grandmother that my father physically abused my mother and that he was a horrible man. Consequently I wanted nothing to do with him, I actively hated him. He hurt my mom and threw me away. Many years later I tried to convince myself to stop hating him, but it didn’t work. Until I watched your Bible study, Jesus said to honor my father. In other Bible studies you said that sometimes God will ask us to do things and we will not know why, we may ask but we might never know why and that that is okay, to do it anyway. So I did it anyway.  On his 64th birthday I told him for the first time in my life that I loved him. The only way I know to honor someone is to love them.  And then Jesus started working in my life in amazing ways, I was so overwhelmed! The blessings just kept coming. I started getting an urgent feeling to get my life in order, and living in a way that is pleasing to God. When I told my dad for the first time I loved him, Jesus took an entire lifetimes worth of pain, rejections and sadness away from me in a fraction of a second.  The words thank you seems so insignificant, for what you have done in my life. [What God's truth did in her life :  ]

Herman, South Africa (April 2018)  Around 3 Years ago I went through a time in my life where I started looking for answers and my reason for being. A number of things that kept me away from God is the following. I could never understand what type of person brings grown up Animals to the Ark. Where all the Water of the great Flood came from and went afterwards was also beyond my understanding. And then there was the Dinosaurs which has always been controversial that also baffled me. Around that time I was given a Bible, and then some DVD's with DR. Hovind explaining the Creation in 6 day's, as well as the Baby Animals that went into the Ark, and the Fountains of the deep that broke open as well as explaining in broad terms the living and dying of the Dino's. Now the persons that gave me the DVD's and the Bible do not know each other. Among the DVD' was also some sermons by Paul Washer. So between his preaching, that of DR. Hovind, and the newly acquired Bible(now my most cherished possession) I became a completely transformed man. I now now live completely for the Lord Jesus, and am not interested at all in anything this life has to offer. I have had the pleasure to lead a number of souls to God, mostly people that new me and wanted to know what caused the change in me. My reason for writning this Mail is simple, I wish to thank DR. Hovind for his major contribution in the process of saving my soul. I was completely lost and was bound for hell. Now I'm saved and I live in the Grace of God every day. Almost paradise I must add.  So thank you DR. Hovind, who would have guessed that a message you send out in 2005 would reach lost souls in another continent and have such an profound impact on their life's. God bless you and your people, and keep up the good work. The ripple effect caused by your ministry is vast that in human terms it can not be measured. THANK YOU. AND THANK THE LORD

Austin, US (April 2018)  I'm a high school senior and you have changed my life. I used to believe science disproved our amazing lord and savior till I realized the evil bias in our books and teachings.  Thank you for everything you do!

Chad, US (March 2018)  Chad and two of his friends volunteered for a weekend at DAL to help get ready for the opening.  They were a great blessing!  Here is their testimony.  We got there on Friday morning (Amazing place!) with a warm welcome from Manon.  Anna checked us in and they had our bunkhouse beds ready to go. Then we went to work with Rich and Jeff after breakfast (Thank you Lady Di).  Spent the two days doing:

  1. Finished building the outdoor covering (gathering) spot and put all the metal on
  2. Cleaned up the area around that part to prep for tables and dig pit
  3. Sanded all of the second floor wood prepped for painting
  4. Cleaned up the first floor museum main area prepped for painting
  5. Enjoyed wonderful food together
  6. Prayed on the sand dunes (excellent suggestion)
  7. Replaced the washer unit with the new one (I forgot if we turned the water on so check it)
  8. Got to know the talented crew at DAL. :)
  9. Laughed and smiled for two days. :)

Saturday evening we went to the museum store to buy some books and dvd's, only to find out from Anna, that we had store credit (Y'all are awesome!).  Also, Nick did a great job of getting everyone together for a devo Friday night, then a movie (God's not Dead 2) on Saturday. He and his wife Julie make a great team and have a wonderful heart for our Lord. It's excellent to see them growing in His knowledge and wisdom.  It was really a special trip for all of us.  We felt like part of the family.  Rich and Jeff were such a blessing and great workers for the Lord. We enjoyed the departing blessings for mercy travels and/or flat tires at the end of the drive so that we'd have to stay. Well, I don't know if anyone was looking, but we got to the end of the drive, went out....reversed back, went out again....reversed back and tried for a third time, but no flat tires. : We were sad. :)  We spent the next 9 hours driving back talking about how awesome God was, and how great ya'll are, and planning our next trip to Dinosaur Adventure Land. :) Wish we could spend the next 20 days helping y'all along, but I do hope we were able to make a difference while we were there. :)   To everyone that we met (in order of appearance) -> Romanian family, Anna, Moses, Lady Di, Jeff, Rich, Nick, Julie, Steve, John, (truck driver), (psalm 23 singer), picture of Brother Hovind (since he was not there), and the others, THANK YOU! May our God Bless you in the weeks ahead.

Kevin, US (March 2018)  Six years ago, at the age of 22, I realized that I had no idea if I truly believed in God. I prayed to God and said if he was real than he could surely hear me and I asked that he would reveal the truth to whatever deception had worked its way into my head. Next thing I knew I had watched almost 24 hours worth of Kent Hovind's video within a 3-4 day period. From that point on there has been no doubt in my heart. I'm very grateful for how God used you. 

Kevin, US (March 2018)  My fiance' and I first learned about you from a DVD that was given to us at the State Fair. I was 21, she was 20. We were on our way towards the gate to head home and something caught my eye or her's, I don't remember. But we turned around and there was a booth giving away free DVDs to get to know God better. We picked one up and went home. I put that disk in my desk and forgot about it for about a year. I finally found it by accident one day and decided to turn it on. It was your Video Seminar 1. I watched it alone from start to finish. And trust me, that was not the plan when I popped it in. I couldn't believe what I had found. I immediately showed my then wife, and we watched it together from start to finish. She was just as interested as I was. So together we had a marathon of Everything on your website at the time. (About 30 Hours or so)  Dr. Hovind I grew up as a Christian, but I've always had an enormous amount of questions about my faith due to my insatiable curiosity for Science. And I admit, it had always been difficult for me to separate the way I "knew" the world worked, and God's "magic". It was becoming especially difficult as I grew older. I "knew" the world was billions of years old that was never up for debate. And I'd heard about the Young Earth'ers. I never bothered looking into it though, I just dismissed them as ignorant. This went on until I was introduced to your video series.  Since then I have grown even more. At first I was ashamed to be a Young Earth'er, I didn't even want to believe that's what I thought. I denied it for years, even though deep down I wanted to believe it. Then I joined the US Navy as a Nuclear Electronics Technician. I was taught about Nuclear Science, Half-Lives, Reactivity, and a lot of other Sciences that honestly may have shook my faith for good, had I not watched your video series FIRST. It is because of that, that I am writing to you now. THANK YOU. I could have ended up like the countless other lost soul's I encountered in the Military and thereafter. Every chance I got, I preached on the ship what I had learned. I became the guy that people brought their Atheist friends to to debate with. It was fun and as you put it "I slaughtered them, because I was right, and they were wrong". I left the Navy and now work at a Nuclear Power Plant. The people I work with are the same type as the ones in the Navy. I work with brilliant people, some of the smartest our country has to offer, as the Nuclear Industry has very high standards. Nothing has changed, 95% of my peers are Atheistic or Agnostic. I found out recently that a friend of mine who I showed your video series to has spent the last decade doing the exact same thing I have been doing. He has also brought dozens of his friends to the light. It's really amazing how your work has inspired so many. 

Jenn, US (March 2018)  I have a degree in mathematics, so logic, truth and critical thought are what I like. As I write this to you, the Holy Spirit showed me that while I was in college, I had the definite thought that the bible couldn't be true because of dinosaurs. It was the dinosaurs that made me doubt the bible. And, if you doubt the word of God, you are now open to any philosophy that tickles the ears. Great work teaching the truth about dinos!

Thomas, US (March 2018)  I would like to personally thank Kent for planting the seed that led to my salvation.

Lawrence, US (March 2018)  I was introduced to Christianity 4 years ago and your videos only 5 months ago. I just wanted to write this to say thank you, and let you know you helped strengthen a young man's faith.

Robert, Germany (February 2018)  I appreciate your work very much. I am 52 and got saved 1.5 years ago (by my wife). Since then I have watched all of your videos and read all your books, changing me from a strict evolutionist to a young earth creationist.
I called myself educated and intelligent (btw. same IQ as Dr. Hovind) but how could I have been blinded by evolutionists arguments for the most part of my life without being really stupid?  You helped me to see the truth. Now my worldview is consistent with the evidence and I don't need to fill in the obvious gaps of evolution theory with faith in (so called) scientific authorities, that have no right to call themselves exactly that.  It is very hard to be a creationist here in germany. My friends knew me as a very rational, atheistic and science interested guy. It is difficult for them to accept me being a young earth creationist now. Here in Germany it is very uncommon and even dangerous to admit being a creationist. The hate against us is very strong and I get attacked very openly for my opinion. But I take it as a challenge, that will not stop me from telling the truth to people

Angelica, Italy (February 2018)  I would like you to know that you brought to Christ my brother in law.  He is a very clever guy and he never believed in God because he believed in "science".  Once he watched one of your lessons and his mind was changed forever. 

Tertius, South Africa (February 2018)  Dear dr Hovind. I have listened to many of your speeches and debates on Youtube. Just want to thank you for the wonderful way in which you debate and spread the gospel. 

Brian, US (February 2018)  I go to high school in TN. I am and have been a person of faith my entire life.  After seeing ur seminars, I fell in love with your teaching, and I was starving for more. I watched your seminars many times.  After that I became a stonger salt of the earth. Many evolutionist, in my school, started to debate me, out of the blue. Then I found your college classes, and started to watch them.  You have strengthened my faith beyond belief.  God bless you. 

Emmanuel, India (February 2018)  I'm a 21 year old Medical student from India. I'm a huge fan of your ministry. Hope God strengthens you more as you continue to be a blessing to so many people. 

Claire, Brit in Germany (February 2018)  Dear Kent and team, just want to say thank you for the daily youtube posts.  It does me good to hear from you all.

Wayne, US (February 2018)  Over the last 15 years I have followed your teachings closely along with other YEC minisitires such as AIG, ICR etc... I was raised in a Christian home, went to a "Christian Collage". Like many others who have written into you I found myself struggling with my faith as a result of what I was taught in highschool and in collage about the age of the earth, Noahs Flood and the timeline of Genesis being recorded in writing. I was introduced to an older video set of yours which I watched with intrigue. Your teachings helped to resolve many questions I had at that time and since. You opened my eyes to YEC teachings, along with the literal interpretation of Genesis 1. The impact this had in my life and hopefully my now family has been instrumental. I sincerely thank you for the work you do. 

Anilo, Italy (January 2018) I am a Christian and I love God's world.  Since I was 16 i 've never believed in the evolution's theory, but I was incapable to explain many things. After my diploma I've studied in the public university in Naple and i'm become Biologist, working in a clinical and environmental laboratory. For many years by my self I've started studying better the creation and the evidence of the biblical explanations. In my university I've chosed ecological's training so i've learned more about evoloutions. In the end, after an hard preparation, I've started to teach about creationism in my school and then in others schools. Yours video have inspired me to continue this apologetic's job and now I m going to speak in my first conference in Naple's University. I wish you should be here! But i know God is with me.  

Justin, US (January 15, 2018) Dear Dr. Hovind, Since Jan 6 of this year I have solidly each and everyday been watching your videos, seminars and debates. All I can say is WOW!! God has truly blessed you with the ability to speak his word in a way that anyone can understand, and take in.  Yesterday I watched one of your videos, and during it you asked "What controls you?". When that question came from your mouth, I immediately paused the TV and started crying. Years ago I had gotten saved and had accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. He was at the center of my life. But as time went on and my business became more and more stressfull, I started using pain pills to cope. For roughly a year and a half i had been addicted and taking up to 15 - 20 pills a day. I had sadly allowed Satan and his pills to "Control my life".  Last Friday I hit rock bottom. I had no more fight left, my faith was absent, hope was gone, and the tanks were empty. I knew if I didn't throw in the towel I was going to die. My loving family checked me into a detox clinic that day. I was absolutely terrified, because I knew withdraw was coming at me like a mile long freight train at full speed. That night I broke the silence that I had made between God and I over time. He was the only one i knew I had left. I humbly prayed with every ounce of life I had left in me for God to take and carry what I couldn't handle. I'm here to share with you, and anyone else that you may be able to help with this testimony, that last Friday was the last time a painkiller has entered my body. I have had ZERO cravings or withdraw from the pain killers. HE is the ONLY one that could have done this for me. I plan to keep my eyes and heart locked on the Lord, my relationship with him fresh, and my life open for him to use me in any way he sees fit.  He may be kicking around the idea you had previously mentioned "Serve as a bad example for the rest of the world to see" Lol!!! But I'm doing great, feeling better each and everyday. I'm here repairing my body and resting so that when I get out of here I can rejoin Gods army and join the frontline. 
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being such a great "ambassador" for the Lord. 

Yuriy, Bulgaria (January 2018)  Dr. Hovind you rocked my world!  I'm newborn Christian believer; 5 years.  I'm 32 years old.  I ran into one of your videos few days ago and since then I watched almost everything I managed to find in youtube.  You've strengthened my faith, inspired me and enriched me like no other so far.  You have answered so many questions that I had . . . At some point I felt irresistible need to read my Bible.  I just wanted to thank you.  Please never stop doing what you are doing.

Rick, US (January 2018)  Just wanted to drop you a note thanking you for your seminars, CSE's & Q&A's. I watch them often. I'm a bit of an odd duck in that I am not a Christian & not an atheist, but more of an agnostic. I can't claim to know how the universe began or the truth of nature. I have read extensively the books of Stephen Hawking & Carl Sagan because I am interested in the knowledge of stars, the universe & gleaning what I can grasp. I have countered that information in recent years by watching many hours of your videos & it has put me on the razor's edge between the 2. God or Big Bang? I'm working on that now, but know that your information is the only thing that has ever even made me question evolution & a Godless universe. I really hate that atheists ride you so hard. I don't like the suppression of differing viewpoints, because the truth of the matter is that their mindset is unprovable as much as they say God is unprovable. So, keep up the good work & thank you for the hours of information & enjoyment you have given me.  A faithful viewer 

Michael, Germany (January 2018)  Thank God you are free again since quite some time now!  Praise The Lord for the possibiliity to get so easy an access to your sermons [Kent Hovind Official YouTube] and such blessed and blessing lectures!!!

Steven, US (January 2018)  I stumbled across your creation series while stationed in Okinawa Japan. I bought a bible from you guys in the late 90's and the creation series. It led to me getting saved and it strengthened my faith through the years. I still use the material in your tapes to witness today. Just wanted to say that you have been one of the biggest impacts on my Christian walk. Thanks for all you do. Keep up the good work.

Ralph, Netherlands (January 2018)  I am 13 years old, yet I am a fan of you. Over here, there was a discussion between orthodox-reformed christians. It was about theïstic evolutionism. Fortunately, there are a lot of (scientific) facts which support the Biblical creation history and the reality of Noah's flood. Great that you also defend it! I will ask the Lord and Creator for His bless on your work. 

Tonya, US (December 2017)  I am currently on video 6 of your 7-part series that my pastor loaned me when I began digging in Genesis. I am a high school teacher on Christmas break-- binge watching. :) I taught a Bible Class at our school last year and I'm super passionate about people better understanding the Bible so they can fall in love with the Lord. I appreciate your diligence to spread the truth and for arming people like me. I don't need anything; I just wanted to say thank you, may the Lord bless you and your ministry in 2018, and may I be a tiny spread of the torch you're passing.

Michael, US (December 2017)  I just read "Are you going to Heaven" [on the drdino website]. I humbled myself and prayed asking God to forgive me as a sinner. Thank you making this so simple to understand. May God bless you and Dino Land. Keep the faith you have changed one life.  I thank you.

Jacob, US (December 2017)  I'm 19 and started having thoughts about death and what would happen afterwards so my dad pointed you out for me and I started watching your bible studies and after the second or 3rd one I watched I got down on my knees and prayed and cried for Gods forgivness and for him to save me.  I thank you so much. 

August, South Africa (November 2017)  First time I watched your seminars I was about 14 years old. I am 24 now . . . Your seminars and videos have strengthened my faith in Jesus Christ significantly, especially since I majored in geology. Those that I have shown your material to obtain an entirely new perspective regarding the Bible. I am grateful that I was introduced to your material, thank you for what you are doing . . . As soon as I can afford it Ill be over there at DAL working on my PHD (Post hole digger) degree and helping you out.

Brandon, US (November 2017)  Dr. Kent Hovind,  I just recently was made aware of your existence. By recently I mean in the last 2 weeks or so. The first thing I ever saw of you was your debate with the 3 scientist in 2004. I was so blown away by your response to their first question of "Where did God come from" that I immediately watch any other video I could find of you on YouTube! . . . All the questions I've ever had about the bible you have answered in the videos I have seen! I was saved over 20 years ago but have not been living for Christ! Since watching your videos and having my questions answered I have a new HUNGER to learn his word and follow what God has planned for me! I just want to say thank you!  

Constantin, Romania (November 2017)  I'm 18 years old ... I really like creationist science and I've followed many times the seminars you've been holding Mr. Hovind ... I like a lot ... that's why I want to aprofundate this topic ... I want to make a book in Romanian for my people ... so that they can also have the information in their language ... and find the gospel from creation.

Anna, Hungary (November 2017)  Dear Mr. Hovind,  I was saved by your Creation series videos at age 12. Now I am 33 with 2 kids and would like to thank what you have done for me. You pretty much saved my life!

Laurel, US (November 2017)  I'm reaching out to say thank you for the work you do. I have recently come back to Christ but had many issues regarding Creation and The Flood etc, tried making sense of things with the only information I had but it never fit. I wanted to believe but didn't know how to make justifications given my worldly paradigm indoctrination. I recently stumbled onto your videos during a pivotal time in my "rekindled" relationship with The Lord. Before I had doubts in the Bible, but thanks to you, I now see the divine perfection and truth in God's word. I am hungry for Him and on fire like never before. Please consider me a jewel in your crown brother; from a video you made 15 years ago, you have opened another heart for The Lord and His Word. 

Jeff, US (November 2017)  Dr. Kent Hovind, I’ve had the pleasure of watching your YouTube videos for some time now and they have really helped me a lot. I have two [college aged] daughters now. Evolution really messed me up when I went into college back in the 80’s. I wanted my daughters to understand what was coming their way before they got there and really understand the facts before they got there. So, [your videos] have helped a lot, so thank you very much!

Randy, US (November 2017) Thank you Kent for all that you do in the name of the lord,I have been watching your videos for a while now and I am getting closer to the father daily,please keep up the good works and stomp evilution out,bless you my friend in christ.

Brian, US (November 2017)  I just wanted to thank you for your ministry and everything that you do for the Kingdom. You have helped me understand our Lord's creation far better in areas where I was lacking in understanding.

Seth, US (October 2017)  I was a Christian raised in a Christian home and school. I was taught about the flaws of evolution in my school but I was still unprepared for college. I wish we had watched your videos in my science class!  I did not encounter evolutionary doctrine until I was 18 and in my second biology semester. To my surprise, I was naive, it was just taught as fact. My professor said he would be teaching from an evolutionary perspective. What he did not say was that he meant he would be teaching exclusively from an evolutionary theory, no flaws would be discussed, and no alternatives even mentioned.  I was struggling and on one day in class my faith fell apart. He said “how does it feel to know you came from a monkey” I wanted to cry. I knew it was wrong but I didn’t know how to answer that question. I knew what I believed but I didn’t know why or how it was wrong. It was an unusual question. I had never experienced anything like it in my life. I heard you call a similar question in a seminar a Soviet style indoctrination . . . I struggled with my faith so much. I didn’t know who to ask.  When I tried researching I just found people attacking creationist ideas as pseudoscience. In time I couldn’t even hear the word evolution without anxiety. I became depressed and suicidal. Over evolution!  After I got out of school I found a Christian counselor who helped me but he didn’t know anything about evolution. [Eventually] I rejected my faith and claimed to be agnostic. In time I came back to the Lord and someone in my church recommended your video on YouTube. I watched it and cried tears of hurt and anger. Everything you said was true. Thank you for your ministry . . . It’s a light in the dark.  [Note from CSE:  How many others are like Seth?  Let's get the truth out to them!]

Stephanie, Oklahoma (October 2017) Some time ago I saw a short clip of a debate you were part of and in which you answered the question about where God comes from. Your answer, sir, was absolutely inspiring. My daughter is in her first year of college, pursuing a degree in Science. Today, my daughter asked me a serious "scientific" question. "Where did God come from?" My initial response was "God always was." That didn't help, and when she explained her line of thought, I replied simply, "You're trying to condense God into your idea of time." Then, I thought of your video and shared it with her. She smiled with a big, "Thank you! I got it now. I've been wondering that for a long time, but it totally makes sense now." Dr. Hovind, I just wanted to drop you a line and simply say, "Thank you." Your reach is far beyond Oklahoma. God bless you.

Thierry, China (September 2017) I'm so happy and I thank God for the privilege He gave me to find your videos on Youtube a year ago. I'm a fisher of man, born in Cameroon but now staying in China for the Father's work. Please keep me in your prayers as I plan to use your tapes in small meetings. Stay all blessed; you and your wonderful team. We love you so much!

Jeff, Canada (September 2017) Brother Kent, you inspire and help change people's mindsets from the lies of the world. Thanks be to God our Father.  May He give you strength and passion for your ministry!

Daniel, UK (September 2017)  Hello Kent Hovind and others at dinosaur land! I am 19 and have followed you for a few months and you have been amazing. You have helped me and my friend a lot. I hope you will be rewarded in heaven. 

Michael, US (September 2017) I need to just say to the entire Dr Dino team, keep up the good work folks. Please, never give up doing what you are doing in Jesus name. Everyday, I find news articles on abortion and am shocked to my core by how callous and cold mankind is becoming. To have the point of view that a child is not human from conception is straight from the pits of hell. We have the evolution teaching to thank for all of this. So I pray that everybody at Dr Dino.com keeps fighting the good fight because lives and souls are at stake. 

Tisha, US (September 2017)  I have been using the creation video series with my teen class at church.  It has been a wonderful tool and my kids have thoroughly enjoyed it.

Involved Parent, US (September 2017)  I have an 8 year old daughter who is in the 3rd grade in public school. Last week her class was introduced to the solar system for the first time. The teacher read from a book that the solar system came into being from the Big Bang. I asked my daughter if it was presented as a theory or a fact. She said she didn't remember anything being said about it being a theory. I emailed the teacher today to get some clarification on if the book presented the Big Bang as a theory and maybe my daughter had just not heard that part. Her reply was the following: "It was a book that we read to introduce The Solar System and space. Throughout the book it states that scientist believe.......this or that happened."  Isn't the definition of a religion believing in something you can't prove? Does the fact that the book states the scientist's "believe" fall under the separation of church and state?

Tammy, US (September 2017)  A few years ago, my husband's sixteen year old brother shot himself.  The following week, with the thought of life and death so closely in front of us, we gave our hearts and lives to Christ.  One of the remaining questions on the table for my husband was evolution.  Your seminars have shed light on questions in his mind, and brought a passion for creation to mine.  We thank God that He continues to use your ministry, though Satan did his best to take it down.

Rudolf, Austria (September 2017) Dear Brother Kent Hovind,  I know you from the creation seminar on youtube. I thank you so much for your simple explanations of the lies in the world. I believed on our wonderful Lord Jesus Christ. (72 years old)

Eric, US (September 2017) Dr. Hovind, Your ministry changed my life. I'm sure you get emails like this all of the time... but I need you to know what kind of impact you have had... Well --- you encouraged me through the veracity of the Bible to where I just recently completed a doctoral degree in Theology. Thank you for using the talents God has given you without fear or being ashamed!!!!! 

Izak, Europe (September 2017) I was addicted to drugs and totally on the wrong path.  But through the love of Christ and His working through you in your material, I am saved today and studying theology.  Thank you and keep up the good work!

Paulo, United Arab Emirate (September 2017)  Hi Dr. Hovind, I just turned 13.  I am about to move to the 8th grade and have just been sent my textbooks for the year, I have read through all 3 science textbooks and have found only 60% of the words in them are actual science, the rest are lies. Everything you mentioned in all your seminars about what the books contain is actually there.

Monica, US University Student (August 2017)  Dear Dr. Hovind, I just wanted to send you a note to say how much I appreciate your ministry and your commitment to God.  I’m about to finish up my final year at a secular University, so you can imagine how much evolution teaching I’ve heard in the past three years.  My sophomore year, I had to take a biology class as a requirement for my major, and although I believed in creation I really didn’t have any clue as to how to argue against evolution.  A friend of mine showed me your seminar on dinosaurs, and ever since then I’ve been watching your entire seminar series every few months or so.  My faith in God and His infallible Word has been strengthened by your seminars, and I’m so grateful that none of them are copyrighted (being a broke college student, I can’t really afford to spend a lot of extra money right now).  I know that you face a lot of persecution in your work, but I’m sure I’m not the only college student who appreciates what you do.  You’ve even inspired me to think about possibly starting my own creation museum someday.  Thank you for your dedication and your boldness.  God bless you!

Tanya, South Africa (August 2017)  Dear Mr. Hovind, I have watched your DVDs twice now and prayed with you to accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.  Thank you for the powerful message that you preach.

Matthew, US (August 2017)  Brother Hovind, First and foremost I love your ministry.  It was through your creation seminars that our Lord brought me back to him.  Thank you for your dedication and teaching.  I have even used a lot of your teaching in discussions with people who believe in macro evolution. 

Colin, Scotland (August 2017)  Hey Mr Hovind,  I am a 25 year old scottish male. I wasn't a religious person, until a friend told me about your seminars online, I would just like to say a big thank you for being an inspiration to me and a million more people around the world.  You have helped me see the worlds big lie, and that The Lord Jesus Christ is the only way to eternal life.

Eric, US (August 2017)   Thank you so much for your ministry.  Its transformed my faith in God.  It gave me confidence to share his word.  It gave me a foundation to stand on thats solid and true. I became a Christian at 7 and am now 55. in the last year I started watching your videos and have grown more in 12 months that in the previous 48 yrs. Thank you and bless you and all your staff. I will keep you in my prayers.

Moeen, Iran (August 2017)  Hello, I am a born again Christian who lives in Tehran, Iran. I gave my life to Christ a few years ago after many years of research.  Because of our situation (you know, hostile and oppressive Gov., sanctions, etc....) I do not have access to christian materials except whatever I can find on the internet.  A while ago, I came across your youtube channel and I was amazed by the teachings of Dr. Hovind.  I have downloaded some of the playlists to my computer and I'm going through them slowly.  Please do not forget me in your prayers.  Have a great day and God Bless You

Tommi, Finland (August 2017)  Hello Kent Hovind. I thank our Heavenly Father for the blessing that your seminar series creation/evolution has brought to my life. Specially your study of dragons(dinosaurs) helped me in my faith so much. Blessing to you my brother IN CHRIST AND THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH.

Corey, US (August 2017)  I was introduced to your ministry when I was newly saved (at 30) I had gone to private schools my whole life (Lutheran) and never had a personal relationship with the Lord. I had spent 8 years in the military and because I went to private schools I thought "well I'm a good person right" - wrong. Needless to say God brought me to my knees and I stay there. After being disciple for awhile the woman I was working with gave me your name for the creation explanation.  Although I had been raised in the church I always thought evolution and creation went together. Wrong again. I now have been listening to you for about a year and my son (he's 9) Loves your debates! I let you show him both sides and now he runs around saying all the lines you commonly say in bible study or in the seminars, its funny! Thank you so much! You have made me and my son know the truth about the creation story!"

Michael, Macedonia (August 2017)  Hello Dr. Hovind,  I am a young earth creationist and I love all of your work, debates, your teachings and education. I am a teenager, a Christian from very young and just recently since a couple of months ago I really got into the question whether or not evolutionists are correct or not. Thanks to your teachings, I am on the Christian side, and one day wish to come to your museum. Thank you for your teachings and your knowledge!

A Youth Pastor in Florida (July 2017)  Dr. Kent Hovind, I have come across your videos on YouTube and have watch several of your debates. I once was one of the many Christians who believed that God created everything but took millions of years to do it. Now I believe and understand that God did it in 7 literal days. I thank you sir for your stewardship of the Word.

Bournemouth, UK (July 2017)  Hello All! We are sincere avid watchers of your published materials and are extremely grateful for the perspective on creationism you have offered.  We are saved however your materials already appear to be saving my Father, a hard hearted atheist, so thank you for your efforts in working on behalf of God to make this happen!

Ashley, US (July 2017)  Thank you for all the material. It changed my life. 

Paul, South Africa (July 2017)  I just wanted to reach out from South Africa and say hi.  I was a teenager when your first debates were shared amongst the teens in our country. Your work has really been helpful for the Christian communities in South Africa. I think that your lectures reached us at a good time because back then we only entered into the educational cult of evolution, even though we had many teachers who blatantly told us that it was a lie - because of your work - and that the only reason we are learning about this lie is because of our government, whom no-one had any faith in either.  I just wanted to thank you for being faithful to our Lord, Jesus Christ.  I have now been following you on YouTube for quite some time and thought that I would mention that you have many fans in South Africa that have enormous respect for you.  You are with me in my prayers.

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