Yuriy, Bulgaria (January 2018)  Dr. Hovind you rocked my world!  I'm newborn Christian believer; 5 years.  I'm 32 years old.  I ran into one of your videos few days ago and since then I watched almost everything I managed to find in youtube.  You've strengthened my faith, inspired me and enriched me like no other so far.  You have answered so many questions that I had . . . At some point I felt irresistible need to read my Bible.  I just wanted to thank you.  Please never stop doing what you are doing.

Rick, US (January 2018)  Just wanted to drop you a note thanking you for your seminars, CSE's & Q&A's. I watch them often. I'm a bit of an odd duck in that I am not a Christian & not an atheist, but more of an agnostic. I can't claim to know how the universe began or the truth of nature. I have read extensively the books of Stephen Hawking & Carl Sagan because I am interested in the knowledge of stars, the universe & gleaning what I can grasp. I have countered that information in recent years by watching many hours of your videos & it has put me on the razor's edge between the 2. God or Big Bang? I'm working on that now, but know that your information is the only thing that has ever even made me question evolution & a Godless universe. I really hate that atheists ride you so hard. I don't like the suppression of differing viewpoints, because the truth of the matter is that their mindset is unprovable as much as they say God is unprovable. So, keep up the good work & thank you for the hours of information & enjoyment you have given me.  A faithful viewer 

Michael, Germany (January 2018)  Thank God you are free again since quite some time now!  Praise The Lord for the possibiliity to get so easy an access to your sermons [Kent Hovind Official YouTube] and such blessed and blessing lectures!!!

Steven, US (January 2018)  I stumbled across your creation series while stationed in Okinawa Japan. I bought a bible from you guys in the late 90's and the creation series. It led to me getting saved and it strengthened my faith through the years. I still use the material in your tapes to witness today. Just wanted to say that you have been one of the biggest impacts on my Christian walk. Thanks for all you do. Keep up the good work.

Ralph, Netherlands (January 2018)  I am 13 years old, yet I am a fan of you. Over here, there was a discussion between orthodox-reformed christians. It was about theïstic evolutionism. Fortunately, there are a lot of (scientific) facts which support the Biblical creation history and the reality of Noah's flood. Great that you also defend it! I will ask the Lord and Creator for His bless on your work. 

Tonya, US (December 2017)  I am currently on video 6 of your 7-part series that my pastor loaned me when I began digging in Genesis. I am a high school teacher on Christmas break-- binge watching. :) I taught a Bible Class at our school last year and I'm super passionate about people better understanding the Bible so they can fall in love with the Lord. I appreciate your diligence to spread the truth and for arming people like me. I don't need anything; I just wanted to say thank you, may the Lord bless you and your ministry in 2018, and may I be a tiny spread of the torch you're passing.

Michael, US (December 2017)  I just read "Are you going to Heaven" [on the drdino website]. I humbled myself and prayed asking God to forgive me as a sinner. Thank you making this so simple to understand. May God bless you and Dino Land. Keep the faith you have changed one life.  I thank you.

Jacob, US (December 2017)  I'm 19 and started having thoughts about death and what would happen afterwards so my dad pointed you out for me and I started watching your bible studies and after the second or 3rd one I watched I got down on my knees and prayed and cried for Gods forgivness and for him to save me.  I thank you so much. 

August, South Africa (November 2017)  First time I watched your seminars I was about 14 years old. I am 24 now . . . Your seminars and videos have strengthened my faith in Jesus Christ significantly, especially since I majored in geology. Those that I have shown your material to obtain an entirely new perspective regarding the Bible. I am grateful that I was introduced to your material, thank you for what you are doing . . . As soon as I can afford it Ill be over there at DAL working on my PHD (Post hole digger) degree and helping you out.

Brandon, US (November 2017)  Dr. Kent Hovind,  I just recently was made aware of your existence. By recently I mean in the last 2 weeks or so. The first thing I ever saw of you was your debate with the 3 scientist in 2004. I was so blown away by your response to their first question of "Where did God come from" that I immediately watch any other video I could find of you on YouTube! . . . All the questions I've ever had about the bible you have answered in the videos I have seen! I was saved over 20 years ago but have not been living for Christ! Since watching your videos and having my questions answered I have a new HUNGER to learn his word and follow what God has planned for me! I just want to say thank you!  

Constantin, Romania (November 2017)  I'm 18 years old ... I really like creationist science and I've followed many times the seminars you've been holding Mr. Hovind ... I like a lot ... that's why I want to aprofundate this topic ... I want to make a book in Romanian for my people ... so that they can also have the information in their language ... and find the gospel from creation.

Anna, Hungary (November 2017)  Dear Mr. Hovind,  I was saved by your Creation series videos at age 12. Now I am 33 with 2 kids and would like to thank what you have done for me. You pretty much saved my life!

Laurel, US (November 2017)  I'm reaching out to say thank you for the work you do. I have recently come back to Christ but had many issues regarding Creation and The Flood etc, tried making sense of things with the only information I had but it never fit. I wanted to believe but didn't know how to make justifications given my worldly paradigm indoctrination. I recently stumbled onto your videos during a pivotal time in my "rekindled" relationship with The Lord. Before I had doubts in the Bible, but thanks to you, I now see the divine perfection and truth in God's word. I am hungry for Him and on fire like never before. Please consider me a jewel in your crown brother; from a video you made 15 years ago, you have opened another heart for The Lord and His Word. 

Jeff, US (November 2017)  Dr. Kent Hovind, I’ve had the pleasure of watching your YouTube videos for some time now and they have really helped me a lot. I have two [college aged] daughters now. Evolution really messed me up when I went into college back in the 80’s. I wanted my daughters to understand what was coming their way before they got there and really understand the facts before they got there. So, [your videos] have helped a lot, so thank you very much!

Randy, US (November 2017) Thank you Kent for all that you do in the name of the lord,I have been watching your videos for a while now and I am getting closer to the father daily,please keep up the good works and stomp evilution out,bless you my friend in christ.

Brian, US (November 2017)  I just wanted to thank you for your ministry and everything that you do for the Kingdom. You have helped me understand our Lord's creation far better in areas where I was lacking in understanding.

Seth, US (October 2017)  I was a Christian raised in a Christian home and school. I was taught about the flaws of evolution in my school but I was still unprepared for college. I wish we had watched your videos in my science class!  I did not encounter evolutionary doctrine until I was 18 and in my second biology semester. To my surprise, I was naive, it was just taught as fact. My professor said he would be teaching from an evolutionary perspective. What he did not say was that he meant he would be teaching exclusively from an evolutionary theory, no flaws would be discussed, and no alternatives even mentioned.  I was struggling and on one day in class my faith fell apart. He said “how does it feel to know you came from a monkey” I wanted to cry. I knew it was wrong but I didn’t know how to answer that question. I knew what I believed but I didn’t know why or how it was wrong. It was an unusual question. I had never experienced anything like it in my life. I heard you call a similar question in a seminar a Soviet style indoctrination . . . I struggled with my faith so much. I didn’t know who to ask.  When I tried researching I just found people attacking creationist ideas as pseudoscience. In time I couldn’t even hear the word evolution without anxiety. I became depressed and suicidal. Over evolution!  After I got out of school I found a Christian counselor who helped me but he didn’t know anything about evolution. [Eventually] I rejected my faith and claimed to be agnostic. In time I came back to the Lord and someone in my church recommended your video on YouTube. I watched it and cried tears of hurt and anger. Everything you said was true. Thank you for your ministry . . . It’s a light in the dark.  [Note from CSE:  How many others are like Seth?  Let's get the truth out to them!]

Stephanie, Oklahoma (October 2017) Some time ago I saw a short clip of a debate you were part of and in which you answered the question about where God comes from. Your answer, sir, was absolutely inspiring. My daughter is in her first year of college, pursuing a degree in Science. Today, my daughter asked me a serious "scientific" question. "Where did God come from?" My initial response was "God always was." That didn't help, and when she explained her line of thought, I replied simply, "You're trying to condense God into your idea of time." Then, I thought of your video and shared it with her. She smiled with a big, "Thank you! I got it now. I've been wondering that for a long time, but it totally makes sense now." Dr. Hovind, I just wanted to drop you a line and simply say, "Thank you." Your reach is far beyond Oklahoma. God bless you.

Thierry, China (September 2017) I'm so happy and I thank God for the privilege He gave me to find your videos on Youtube a year ago. I'm a fisher of man, born in Cameroon but now staying in China for the Father's work. Please keep me in your prayers as I plan to use your tapes in small meetings. Stay all blessed; you and your wonderful team. We love you so much!

Jeff, Canada (September 2017) Brother Kent, you inspire and help change people's mindsets from the lies of the world. Thanks be to God our Father.  May He give you strength and passion for your ministry!

Daniel, UK (September 2017)  Hello Kent Hovind and others at dinosaur land! I am 19 and have followed you for a few months and you have been amazing. You have helped me and my friend a lot. I hope you will be rewarded in heaven. 

Michael, US (September 2017) I need to just say to the entire Dr Dino team, keep up the good work folks. Please, never give up doing what you are doing in Jesus name. Everyday, I find news articles on abortion and am shocked to my core by how callous and cold mankind is becoming. To have the point of view that a child is not human from conception is straight from the pits of hell. We have the evolution teaching to thank for all of this. So I pray that everybody at Dr Dino.com keeps fighting the good fight because lives and souls are at stake. 

Tisha, US (September 2017)  I have been using the creation video series with my teen class at church.  It has been a wonderful tool and my kids have thoroughly enjoyed it.

Involved Parent, US (September 2017)  I have an 8 year old daughter who is in the 3rd grade in public school. Last week her class was introduced to the solar system for the first time. The teacher read from a book that the solar system came into being from the Big Bang. I asked my daughter if it was presented as a theory or a fact. She said she didn't remember anything being said about it being a theory. I emailed the teacher today to get some clarification on if the book presented the Big Bang as a theory and maybe my daughter had just not heard that part. Her reply was the following: "It was a book that we read to introduce The Solar System and space. Throughout the book it states that scientist believe.......this or that happened."  Isn't the definition of a religion believing in something you can't prove? Does the fact that the book states the scientist's "believe" fall under the separation of church and state?

Tammy, US (September 2017)  A few years ago, my husband's sixteen year old brother shot himself.  The following week, with the thought of life and death so closely in front of us, we gave our hearts and lives to Christ.  One of the remaining questions on the table for my husband was evolution.  Your seminars have shed light on questions in his mind, and brought a passion for creation to mine.  We thank God that He continues to use your ministry, though Satan did his best to take it down.

Rudolf, Austria (September 2017) Dear Brother Kent Hovind,  I know you from the creation seminar on youtube. I thank you so much for your simple explanations of the lies in the world. I believed on our wonderful Lord Jesus Christ. (72 years old)

Eric, US (September 2017) Dr. Hovind, Your ministry changed my life. I'm sure you get emails like this all of the time... but I need you to know what kind of impact you have had... Well --- you encouraged me through the veracity of the Bible to where I just recently completed a doctoral degree in Theology. Thank you for using the talents God has given you without fear or being ashamed!!!!! 

Izak, Europe (September 2017) I was addicted to drugs and totally on the wrong path.  But through the love of Christ and His working through you in your material, I am saved today and studying theology.  Thank you and keep up the good work!

Paulo, United Arab Emirate (September 2017)  Hi Dr. Hovind, I just turned 13.  I am about to move to the 8th grade and have just been sent my textbooks for the year, I have read through all 3 science textbooks and have found only 60% of the words in them are actual science, the rest are lies. Everything you mentioned in all your seminars about what the books contain is actually there.

Monica, US University Student (August 2017)  Dear Dr. Hovind, I just wanted to send you a note to say how much I appreciate your ministry and your commitment to God.  I’m about to finish up my final year at a secular University, so you can imagine how much evolution teaching I’ve heard in the past three years.  My sophomore year, I had to take a biology class as a requirement for my major, and although I believed in creation I really didn’t have any clue as to how to argue against evolution.  A friend of mine showed me your seminar on dinosaurs, and ever since then I’ve been watching your entire seminar series every few months or so.  My faith in God and His infallible Word has been strengthened by your seminars, and I’m so grateful that none of them are copyrighted (being a broke college student, I can’t really afford to spend a lot of extra money right now).  I know that you face a lot of persecution in your work, but I’m sure I’m not the only college student who appreciates what you do.  You’ve even inspired me to think about possibly starting my own creation museum someday.  Thank you for your dedication and your boldness.  God bless you!

Tanya, South Africa (August 2017)  Dear Mr. Hovind, I have watched your DVDs twice now and prayed with you to accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.  Thank you for the powerful message that you preach.

Matthew, US (August 2017)  Brother Hovind, First and foremost I love your ministry.  It was through your creation seminars that our Lord brought me back to him.  Thank you for your dedication and teaching.  I have even used a lot of your teaching in discussions with people who believe in macro evolution. 

Colin, Scotland (August 2017)  Hey Mr Hovind,  I am a 25 year old scottish male. I wasn't a religious person, until a friend told me about your seminars online, I would just like to say a big thank you for being an inspiration to me and a million more people around the world.  You have helped me see the worlds big lie, and that The Lord Jesus Christ is the only way to eternal life.

Eric, US (August 2017)   Thank you so much for your ministry.  Its transformed my faith in God.  It gave me confidence to share his word.  It gave me a foundation to stand on thats solid and true. I became a Christian at 7 and am now 55. in the last year I started watching your videos and have grown more in 12 months that in the previous 48 yrs. Thank you and bless you and all your staff. I will keep you in my prayers.

Moeen, Iran (August 2017)  Hello, I am a born again Christian who lives in Tehran, Iran. I gave my life to Christ a few years ago after many years of research.  Because of our situation (you know, hostile and oppressive Gov., sanctions, etc....) I do not have access to christian materials except whatever I can find on the internet.  A while ago, I came across your youtube channel and I was amazed by the teachings of Dr. Hovind.  I have downloaded some of the playlists to my computer and I'm going through them slowly.  Please do not forget me in your prayers.  Have a great day and God Bless You

Tommi, Finland (August 2017)  Hello Kent Hovind. I thank our Heavenly Father for the blessing that your seminar series creation/evolution has brought to my life. Specially your study of dragons(dinosaurs) helped me in my faith so much. Blessing to you my brother IN CHRIST AND THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH.

Corey, US (August 2017)  I was introduced to your ministry when I was newly saved (at 30) I had gone to private schools my whole life (Lutheran) and never had a personal relationship with the Lord. I had spent 8 years in the military and because I went to private schools I thought "well I'm a good person right" - wrong. Needless to say God brought me to my knees and I stay there. After being disciple for awhile the woman I was working with gave me your name for the creation explanation.  Although I had been raised in the church I always thought evolution and creation went together. Wrong again. I now have been listening to you for about a year and my son (he's 9) Loves your debates! I let you show him both sides and now he runs around saying all the lines you commonly say in bible study or in the seminars, its funny! Thank you so much! You have made me and my son know the truth about the creation story!"

Michael, Macedonia (August 2017)  Hello Dr. Hovind,  I am a young earth creationist and I love all of your work, debates, your teachings and education. I am a teenager, a Christian from very young and just recently since a couple of months ago I really got into the question whether or not evolutionists are correct or not. Thanks to your teachings, I am on the Christian side, and one day wish to come to your museum. Thank you for your teachings and your knowledge!

A Youth Pastor in Florida (July 2017)  Dr. Kent Hovind, I have come across your videos on YouTube and have watch several of your debates. I once was one of the many Christians who believed that God created everything but took millions of years to do it. Now I believe and understand that God did it in 7 literal days. I thank you sir for your stewardship of the Word.

Bournemouth, UK (July 2017)  Hello All! We are sincere avid watchers of your published materials and are extremely grateful for the perspective on creationism you have offered.  We are saved however your materials already appear to be saving my Father, a hard hearted atheist, so thank you for your efforts in working on behalf of God to make this happen!

Ashley, US (July 2017)  Thank you for all the material. It changed my life. 

Paul, South Africa (July 2017)  I just wanted to reach out from South Africa and say hi.  I was a teenager when your first debates were shared amongst the teens in our country. Your work has really been helpful for the Christian communities in South Africa. I think that your lectures reached us at a good time because back then we only entered into the educational cult of evolution, even though we had many teachers who blatantly told us that it was a lie - because of your work - and that the only reason we are learning about this lie is because of our government, whom no-one had any faith in either.  I just wanted to thank you for being faithful to our Lord, Jesus Christ.  I have now been following you on YouTube for quite some time and thought that I would mention that you have many fans in South Africa that have enormous respect for you.  You are with me in my prayers.

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